LcPuzzle game version : 3.4

Image of LcPuzzle

Author : LCB Soft

OS : Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP

License : Shareware ($30.00)

Added : 18. March 2010

Release : 7. March 2010

Download link: Download LcPuzzle (3684 kBytes)

Publisher : How to visit LCB Soft's homepage?

Game description : With LcPuzzle you`ll be able to resolve infinities and various puzzles of all the types and sizes, tangram, pentominoes and taipei. You can to select the image of the puzzles from all image files of your computer besides the ones that are enclosed with the program. Also you can put as image of the puzzles any image that has stored in the Windows portfolio, or even, if you want it, you can design or to scan your own images utilizing a program of drawing or graphic design. Also, you will be able to expand or to reduce the image of puzzle adapting the size that more agree it. You have the option to select the number of pieces that will contain the puzzle and also the form of the pieces among the 6 options that this program offers: Rectangles, Irregular, Circles on Rectangles, Rectangles on Rectangles, Ellipses on Rectangles or Stars on Rectangles. The program has information about the puzzle that is resolving: size total of the puzzle, form, number, class and size of the pieces, the level of difficulty of the puzzle and other data of interest. Once have you resolved the puzzle, all this information will accumulate in the historic file of resolved puzzles, where you will be able to consult all the referring data to the finished puzzles. Also you have at your service the game tutor, that will help you to place any piece. You have the option to personalize the color of the table, to visualize the chronometer that will indicate the time past to resolve the puzzle, to select if plays with or without sound, to select the velocity of the game, or to modify the factor of attraction of each piece toward its destiny.


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