Warcraft millionaire 3.0 game version : 3.0

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Author : Warcraft millionaire

OS : Win95,Win98,Windows2000,WinXP

License : Freeware

Added : 24. July 2010

Release : 23. July 2010

Download link: Download Warcraft millionaire 3.0 (1340 kBytes)

Publisher : How to visit Warcraft millionaire's homepage?

Game description : Warcraft millionaire I want to establish what Warcraft Millionaire is NOT: * Warcraft Millionaire is NOT about rehashed, repeated to death forum strategies all packed into one. With the exception of some of the basics, I guarantee you that the strategies I am about to share with you are nothing like the ones you know so well of. * Warcraft Millionaire is NOT a magic bullet to riches. Granted I am not out here to promise you a million gold from the milky way and I don`t want to insult your intelligence. I show you how I make my gold from World of Warcraft and like everything else, it requires practice. * Warcraft Millionaire is NOT about farming primals or doing dailies or playing the game 8 hours a day. You do not need to sacrifice your day job to excel in this game. Hell, I have a full time job in a marketing company. * Warcraft Millionaire is NOT about using bots, exploits, hacks or cheats. I am strictly a "pure" gamer. I do not indulge in any activity that will risk my account getting banned. All tips are 100% legal. Learning Curves Debunked! I cracked the code to getting gold after more than 2 years of endless nights and experiments. Learn EXACTLY what I do without having to go through the same process as I did. From top to bottom, you will learn the exact locations you should and should not be in Azeroth, what you should be buying, and how quickly you should be leveling up to reach the greater heights. Uncover Red Hot Items Within Minutes Using FREE Tools! The game does not need to be nearly as hard as it appears. Using these free tools that I provide, you will be able to do quick and easy research at a glance, bypassing costly trial and error, wasted hours grinding, and useless Bind on Pickup items. Pay FAR LESS Than What Your Competitors Are Paying For! Forget paying the usual Auction House rates for items that you need, want, or can readily resell.


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